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Hive Review: The Ultimate Team Collaboration Tool

As businesses grow, communication, project management, and teamwork become increasingly critical. In such an environment, an efficient team collaboration tool, such as Hive, becomes indispensable. In this blog post, we'll go over a comprehensive Hive review, discussing its features, pricing, alternatives, and more.
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Effective team collaboration is crucial for any organization’s success. With the rise of remote work and remote work, having a reliable and efficient team collaboration tool is more important than ever. This is where Hive comes in. It is a comprehensive team collaboration tool that streamlines communication, project management, and workflow for companies of all sizes.

In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look and provide a review and opinion on its features, functionality, and overall effectiveness as a team collaboration tool. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, read on to discover if Hive is the ultimate solution for your project collaboration needs.

What is Team Collaboration Tool?

Project management

A team collaboration tool is a digital platform designed to enhance communication, coordination, and cooperation among members, both co-located and dispersed. These tools facilitate seamless interactions, allowing individuals to share information, ideas, files, and feedback in real-time, thereby promoting effective project management. 

Team collaboration tools range from simple chat apps to comprehensive project management systems. They typically feature a combination of communication, organization, and productivity tools. Communication features often include instant messaging, video conferencing, and discussion threads. Organizational features might encompass task assignment, shared calendars, and progress tracking. Productivity tools can include file sharing, note-taking, and time-tracking functionalities. 

The ultimate goal of these tools is to streamline workflows, reduce misunderstandings, and improve the efficiency of team activities. By centralizing tasks, project statuses, and communication channels, these tools help eliminate common barriers to effective project management, such as information silos and fragmented workflows.

In today’s fast-paced, increasingly remote work environments, team collaboration tools are becoming essential for businesses of all sizes and industries. They support agility and flexibility, enable real-time decision-making, and foster a culture of collaboration. Moreover, with such a tool, people can function effectively regardless of geographical distances, time zones, or organizational structures.

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What is Hive?

Software overview

Hive emerges as a robust, user-friendly team collaboration tool designed to enhance project management, streamline tasks, and improve communication within organization. Operating on a cloud-based platform, it offers a vast range of features including, but not limited to, time tracking, file sharing, project management, and actionable analytics. With its customizable functionalities, tool stands out as an adaptable tool, capable of meeting the unique needs of diverse teams. 

hive review opinion team collaboration

It’s designed with the aim of bringing your diverse work tasks together on a single platform, a feature that significantly minimizes clutter and boosts overall organization. Its well-structured interface makes navigation a breeze, ensuring members can effortlessly locate and manage tasks, share files, track progress, and more. The centralization it offers goes a long way in boosting efficiency, enhancing transparency, and fostering a strong sense among employees.

In addition to the basic collaboration features, it also integrates with over 1,000 apps, a factor that further extends its functionality. The tool’s flexibility allows teams to choose from a variety of project views, including Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendar views, among others. Comprehensive approach is well reflected in its analytical capabilities, which offer insightful reports on project progress, individual performance, and productivity trends.

Perhaps one of the distinguishing features of Hive is its action cards, a unique feature that combines to-do lists, file attachments, and chat into one. This integration ensures all relevant information is easily accessible, reducing the time spent searching for files or clarifications. Furthermore, the mail feature allows you to send emails directly from the platform, further enhancing its role as a one-stop collaboration tool.

To sum up, Hive offers a comprehensive, intuitive, and customizable platform that addresses the varying needs of team collaboration, from communication and project management to time tracking and analytics. Its wide array of features and integrations places it as an all-inclusive collaboration solution, designed to centralize tasks and improve team efficiency.

Hive review and opinions

What do we think?

Diving into Hive’s functionality, it’s clear why it stands out among other team collaboration tools. Its range of features is truly impressive, from project tracking to file sharing, time management, and insightful analytics. Even with its extensive capabilities, tool remains easy to navigate, with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that doesn’t overwhelm or confuse users. 

One particularly commendable aspect is its adaptability. Recognizing that different teams have different needs, Hive offers customizability across its features, allowing users to personalize the tool to best suit their workflows. This flexibility extends to its project views, with options for Gantt charts, Kanban boards, calendar views, and more. It’s refreshing to find a tool that truly caters to a unique working style instead of enforcing a one-size-fits-all approach.

The integration of Hive with over 1,000 apps further amplifies its value, allowing users to seamlessly connect with tools they’re already using, thereby streamlining workflows and reducing disruption. The action cards feature is a remarkable integration of task lists, file attachments, and chat, effectively centralizing all relevant information and saving users the hassle of toggling between different platforms or hunting for lost files or instructions. 

Commitment to promoting efficiency and transparency is further evident in its analytical capabilities. The ability to generate insightful reports on project progress, individual performance, and productivity trends can be a game-changer for managers aiming to optimize performance and productivity.

While Hive is predominantly a collaboration tool, it doesn’t neglect the aspect of communication. With the mail feature, users can send emails directly from the platform, reinforcing role as a one-stop solution for all collaboration needs.

However, it is not without its flaws. Despite its vast array of features, Hive lacks certain advanced capabilities that some teams might require. Moreover, some users have reported occasional glitches, which can be a downside in fast-paced environments where reliability is crucial.

Nevertheless, Hive’s strengths largely outweigh its weaknesses, making it a solid choice for those seeking a comprehensive, user-friendly, and customizable team collaboration tool.

hive features pros cons

Hive pros and cons

Is this project management software worth it?

Hive’s strengths are many, making it an excellent choice for teams needing a comprehensive collaboration tool. Its customizable features, user-friendly interface, and wide-ranging capabilities are significant assets. The ability to choose from multiple project views and integrate with over 1,000 apps makes it highly adaptable, catering to various team preferences and working styles. Its unique action cards, which merge to-do lists, file attachments, and chat, are notable for enhancing productivity and efficiency by centralizing all pertinent information. Additionally, analytical capabilities are invaluable for managers wanting to assess project progress, performance, and productivity trends.

Mail, enabling users to send emails directly from the platform, reinforces its standing as a single, all-encompassing solution for team collaboration. Its pricing is also reasonably competitive, offering considerable value, particularly given its extensive features.

However, Hive is not flawless. Despite its expansive features, it lacks some advanced capabilities, potentially limiting its usefulness for certain teams. While its user interface is generally praised for its ease of use, some users have reported a steep learning curve initially. Occasional reported glitches can be frustrating, particularly in high-paced work environments where every second counts. Some users have also raised concerns about the mobile app, citing limited functionality compared to the desktop version. 

While customer service is generally seen as responsive, some users have reported slow response times, particularly during peak periods. Despite these shortcomings, Hive’s benefits are extensive, making it an option worth considering in need of a comprehensive, intuitive collaboration tool. As with any software solution, it’s important for users to thoroughly assess their needs and trial the software before making a commitment.

Hive pricing

Plans and options

Hive offers three pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets: Starter, Teams, and Enterprise.

hive price pricing plans cost

The Starter plan, priced at $7 per month per user, is an entry-level plan designed for basic project management. Features of this plan include unlimited storage, the ability to add up to 10 workspace members and create up to 10 projects, Gantt view, and cloud storage integrations. The Starter plan also includes in-app calendar access, enabling interaction with Google or Outlook calendar from Hive, as well as integration with Zoom and Slack. A unique feature of this plan is the Hive AI Assistant, which assists in planning projects, writing content, and optimizing workflows.

The Teams plan, which is Hive’s most popular option, is priced at $18 per month per user. This plan offers everything included in the Starter plan, plus some significant upgrades. Users can invite an unlimited number of members, create custom workflows, and use shareable forms for gathering information. Time tracking is another valuable feature of this plan, which allows managers to see where their time is being spent. The Teams plan also includes access to portfolio view, sharing, and the ability to customize fields, labels, and statuses.

For businesses needing additional flexibility, advanced security, and extra support, Hive offers the Enterprise plan. This plan includes all features of the Teams plan along with enhanced security and permission controls, custom analytics and reporting, unlimited onboarding, and all add-ons included for your entire team. Pricing for the Enterprise plan is customized based on the specific needs of the organization. Potential users are encouraged to contact sales for more information.

Hive alternatives and competitors

What instead of

While Hive stands out as a comprehensive team collaboration tool, it is essential to consider alternatives and competitors to ensure it is the best fit for your needs. Some of the significant competitors to Hive include Teamwork, Wrike, Monday, and SmartSuite.

1. Teamwork is a project management tool that provides a range of features including time tracking, task assignment, and document management. It is recognized for its user-friendly interface and its capacity to integrate with third-party apps, much like Hive.

2. Another worthy competitor is Wrike, which offers a range of project management tools and capabilities. Notable for its flexibility, Wrike allows for personalized dashboards and workflows, and includes time-tracking, Gantt charts, and real-time updates.

3., another alternative, is renowned for its visual project tracking and the ability to create automated workflows. It also provides a centralized platform for team communication, task management, and integration with popular tools such as Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

4. SmartSuite, on the other hand, is an integrated office suite that includes software for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, and project management. It is known for its extensive features and comprehensive solutions for team collaboration.

Each of these competitors offers a distinct set of features and advantages, much like Hive. Therefore, the choice between these collaboration tools will depend on your team’s specific needs, working style, and budget. It is recommended to take advantage of any available free trials or demo versions to get a better understanding of each tool before making a final decision.

Hive free version

Check the trial

For teams that are just starting out or those wanting to test the waters before making a financial commitment, Hive offers a free trial. This package is perfect for light project management and offers ample features to get you started.

Check it here: Hive Main Page.

hive free trial test

You get up to 200MB of storage, which allows you to add files to your projects and actions easily. It enables you to invite up to 10 workspace members, perfect for smaller teams, or for larger teams to test the tool before committing to a paid plan. The Hive free trial comes with unlimited tasks, allowing your team to fully utilize project and task management features.

There are no limits on projects and tasks, regardless of the size or complexity. This allows you to genuinely explore and understand how it can streamline your work. Additionally, the free trial offers unlimited collaborative notes. This feature enhances communication among members, promotes collaboration, and helps to keep all relevant information in one place.

Simply put, the Hive free trial is a risk-free way to explore this collaboration tool’s features and assess its potential impact on your team’s efficiency and productivity. It provides a hands-on experience of the platform, giving you insights into how Hive can revolutionize your workflow.

Final thoughts – opinion


8.9Expert Score

This tool makes team collaboration a breeze.


Upon evaluating the various facets of Hive, it’s evident that it delivers a powerful and versatile platform that encourages efficient collaboration and productivity among teams.

While it’s not without minor challenges, rich array of features, user-friendly navigation, and adaptability certainly set it apart in the realm of team collaboration tools.

Notably, the ability to take it for a test drive with a free trial offers an invaluable opportunity to determine if it’s a good fit for your specific needs and working style. Consequently, exploring what Hive has to offer is highly recommended for any team seeking to enhance its collaboration and productivity.

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