Buzzsumo Review: What Sets It Apart in Social Media Analytics

In this review, we'll be taking a close look at what separates this solution from the other social media analytic platforms on the market, what sets it apart, and more importantly, the experience users can expect. Whether you're an individual looking to track the performance of your own content or a business owner seeking to understand your customers better, BuzzSumo provides tools to get the most out of your efforts.
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Buzzsumo is an innovative social media analytics platform that helps businesses and individuals track performance and better understand their online audience. In this review, we’ll examine what sets it apart from other options, the features it offers, and the overall user experience. Whether you’re a owner looking for deeper insights into your customers or an individual trying to track the performance of your own work, it provides the tools you need to get the most out of your efforts.

What is Social Media Analytics Software?

Track content and your SM

Social media snalytics software is a type of program that allows you to analyze and track data related to your channels. With the explosion of SM platforms in recent years, it has become increasingly important for businesses and individuals alike.

One of the key benefits is the ability to check the performance of your content. This includes things like the number of likes, comments, and shares on your posts, as well as the engagement rate and overall reach of your content. With this information, you can better understand what is resonating with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Another important feature of social media analytics software is the ability to track mentions and conversations related to your brand. By monitoring channels for keywords and hashtags related to your business, you can gain valuable insights into customer sentiment and respond to customer feedback in real time.

There are several different options available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Tools offer powerful content tools and deep insights into audience engagement. Others may focus more on listening and brand monitoring.

Overall, social media analytics software can be a valuable tool for any business or individual looking to grow their presence. By optimizing your strategy based on data-driven insights, you can build a more engaged and loyal following online.

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What is Buzzsumo?

App overview

Buzzsumo is a powerful social media analytics software that has become a go-to tool for marketers, creators, and businesses looking to optimize their strategies. With its robust features and intuitive interface, tool provides valuable insights into trends, competitor analysis, and performance.

buzzsumo review and opinion social media analytics software

At its core, it allows users to track and analyze content across various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit. It offers a comprehensive view of how everything is performing, which topics are resonating with audiences, and which influencers are driving engagement. This valuable data enables users to make informed decisions when creating and developing marketing strategies.

One of the standout features is its ability to identify the most popular content within a specific industry or niche. By entering relevant keywords or topics, users can discover the top-performing articles, videos, infographics, and other formats. This helps marketers understand what type is resonating with their target audience, allowing them to create similar pieces that have a higher chance of success.

Additionally, Buzzsumo provides insights into competitor performance, allowing users to track their competitors’ strategies and performance. By monitoring competitor activity, users can identify gaps in the market, uncover new opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

Tool also offers features such as influencer identification, which helps users find influential individuals within their industry or niche. This is particularly valuable for businesses looking to collaborate with influencers to amplify their reach and increase brand visibility.

Overall, it is a comprehensive analytics tool that offers a wealth of insights and features for marketers and businesses. Its user-friendly interface, powerful analytics capabilities, and ability to uncover valuable data make it an essential tool for anyone looking to optimize their strategy and drive engagement. Whether you’re a creator, marketer, or business owner, it is a valuable asset in your toolkit.

Buzzsumo review and opinions

What do we think?

Buzzsumo is a widely-used social media analytics software that has garnered positive reviews and opinions from its users. Its main selling point is its ability to track the performance of content across multiple platforms.

One of the key features is its research capabilities. Users can easily search for popular content by entering a keyword or topic. Software will then provide a list of the most shared content on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. This feature is especially helpful for marketers and managers looking to create engaging work that resonates with their audience.

Another feature that sets it apart from other social media analytics software is its influencer identification tool. This tool allows users to search for top influencers in a specific industry or niche, and check their social media profiles and activity. This information can be useful for outreach campaigns, partnerships, and collaborations.

Despite its many strengths, it does have some drawbacks. The software can be overwhelming for beginners and may require some time to get used to. Additionally, the pricing can be relatively high compared to other analytics software, especially for smaller businesses or startups.

Overall, it is a powerful tool that can provide valuable insights and data for marketing campaigns. While there may be alternatives with lower pricing, Buzzsumo remains a top choice for those looking for a comprehensive solution. 

As with any software, it is important to evaluate your own needs and budget before making a decision. For those who are unsure if it is right for them, the software does offer a free trial period to test out its features.

buzzsumo features pros cons

Buzzsumo pros and cons

Is this SM analytics tool worth it?

When it comes to social media analytics software, Buzzsumo has established itself as a popular choice among marketers and businesses. However, like any tool, this one has its pros and cons. In this section, we will delve into the advantages and disadvantages.


1. Comprehensive: Solution offers a wide range of analytics features, allowing users to track their performance across various platforms. From content engagement to influencer identification, tool provides in-depth insights into every aspect of social media marketing.

2. Content discovery: One of the standout features of the solution is its ability to uncover the most popular content within a specific industry or niche. This is invaluable for marketers and creators who want to stay updated on the latest trends and create content that resonates with their audience.

3. Competitor analysis: Buzzsumo allows users to monitor their competitors’ strategies and performance. This helps businesses identify gaps in the market, discover new opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

4. Influencer identification: Influencer identification feature enables users to find influential individuals within their industry or niche. This is especially useful for users looking to collaborate with influencers and expand their reach.


1. Pricing: While tool offers a free trial, its pricing plans can be relatively expensive compared to other social media analytics tools. This may be a deterrent for smaller businesses or individuals on a tight budget.

2. Limited social media platforms: While Buzzsumo covers major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit, it may not include all the platforms that are relevant to a particular business or industry. This can limit the scope for some users.

3. Learning curve: Although it has an intuitive interface, it still requires some time and effort to fully grasp all its features and functionalities. New users may find it overwhelming at first and may require some training or support to maximize its potential.

Buzzsumo pricing

Plans and options

One of the biggest factors that businesses and individuals consider when choosing a social media analytics platform is the price. Buzzsumo offers four pricing plans to suit the needs of different customers: Basic, Creation, PR & Comms, and Suite. 

buzzsumo pricing and plans free version trial price

The Basic plan is the most affordable option and costs $119 per month when paid monthly, or $95 per month when paid annually, resulting in a 20% discount. The Creation plan costs $249 per month or $199 per month when paid annually. The PR & Comms plan is the most popular and costs $249 per month or $199 per month when paid annually. Lastly, the Suite plan costs $499 per month or $399 per month when paid annually. Enterprise options cost $999 per month – only annual billing is available here.

It is worth noting that invoicing is only available for Enterprise plans when paid yearly. Buzzsumo opinions show that this platform is not only cost-effective but also offers an array of features to support social media analytics.

Discounts are available for NGOs, registered charitable non-profits, and educational institutions. These organizations can save up a lot on their chosen plan. The platform also offers a 30-day free trial for those who want to test out the software before committing to a subscription.

Buzzsumo alternatives and competitors

What instead of

While it is a top-tier social media analytics platform, it’s not the only option available. Depending on your needs and budget, other alternatives may be more suitable for your business.

One popular alternative is Brand24, which is designed to monitor your brand’s reputation across multiple channels and news sites. While Buzzsumo is more focused on research and curation, Brand24 offers a broader range sentiment tools.

Another alternative is SocialBee, which focuses on scheduling and content management. It allows users to schedule and publish posts across various platforms, track engagement metrics, and check the performance of their content. Tool offers features such as content curation and hashtag tracking, making it a comprehensive tool for management.

Crowdfire is another popular choice for social media management. It provides users with insights into their audience, tracks follower growth, and offers content scheduling capabilities. Crowdfire also offers features such as competitor analysis and recommendations, helping users stay ahead of the curve in their strategy.

For those on a budget, Hootsuite offers a free plan that includes basic social media analytics and scheduling tools. It’s a good option for startups or small businesses just starting to build their presence, but it may not be powerful enough for larger companies or more complex campaigns.

Lastly, Mention is another alternative that offers similar features to Buzzsumo, including monitoring and content curation. However, Mention’s pricing plans are based on the number of mentions or keywords you need to track, so it may not be as cost-effective as other options for larger campaigns or ongoing monitoring.

Overall, each of these Buzzsumo alternatives offers unique features and pricing models, so it’s important to consider your specific needs and budget before choosing.

Buzzsumo free version

Check the trial

If you’re on the fence about whether Buzzsumo is the right social media analytics software for you, the platform offers a free trial to help you make up your mind. During this trial period, you can explore it’s features and capabilities at no cost and without any obligation to purchase.

Buzzsumo’s free trial lasts for 30 days and gives you access to all of the platform’s features. This means you can use it to research keywords, track mentions of your brand and competitors, check your social media performance, and much more.

Claim it on official website: Buzzsumo Main Page.

One of the benefits of trying out the tool before you commit is that you can get a better sense of how the platform works and how it fits into your workflow. You can experiment with different types of content, keywords, and topics to see how it can help you identify new opportunities for engagement and growth.

Buzzsumo’s free trial also allows you to try out the platform’s customer support. If you have any questions or run into any issues during your trial period, you can reach out to team for help and guidance.

Overall, if you’re considering investing in social media analytics software, taking advantage of free trial is a smart move. It can help you evaluate whether it is the right tool for your needs and give you the confidence to make an informed purchase decision based on your own experience and Buzzsumo opinions.

Final thoughts – opinion


8Expert Score
Very good.

Buzzsumo is a tool that is worth checking.


After a thorough review of Buzzsumo, it is safe to say that this platform has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. As with any software, there are areas in which it excels and others where it may fall short for certain users.

Overall, we believe that it is an excellent tool for marketers, managers, and anyone looking to track their performance. The platform’s easy-to-use interface and robust analytics features make it an ideal solution for both small businesses and large enterprises.

One of the standout features is its ability to track the performance of specific keywords, topics, and domains across a variety of channels. This allows users to see which types of content are resonating with their audience and adjust their strategy accordingly.

In terms of its drawbacks, some users may find pricing to be a bit steep, particularly if they are only using the platform for basic analytics. Additionally, some users may prefer a more in-depth social media analytics platform that provides deeper insights and more granular data.

That being said, we believe that Buzzsumo is a solid choice for those who are looking for a user-friendly solution. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, it is definitely worth considering for businesses and individuals looking to optimize their SM and improve their online presence. We highly recommend giving it a try with their free trial.

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