Brand24 Review: The Must-Have Social Listening Tool

Brand24 is an essential social listening tool that every business should have in their arsenal. With it, businesses can stay up-to-date on the latest conversations and trends related. By leveraging the powerful features of Brand24, businesses can gain valuable insights into how customers perceive, respond to their marketing initiatives, and make informed decisions about their future strategies. With this solution, businesses can monitor and stay ahead of the competition.
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Brand24 is a powerful social listening tool that has quickly become a must-have for businesses of all sizes. By monitoring the web, SM, and other online sources, it provides valuable insights into the conversations taking place about a service or product. It helps companies make better-informed decisions about their marketing strategies and customer service efforts, giving them the ability to respond quickly to negative feedback or capitalize on positive comments. With its easy-to-use interface, customizable features, and comprehensive analytics, Brand24 is an essential tool for any business looking to monitor its online presence.

What is Social Listening Software?

Monitor and analyze

Social listening software is a powerful tool that allows businesses and individuals to monitor and analyze online conversations and mentions about their services, products, or industry. It helps to track and analyze mentions from various SM platforms, blogs, news sites, forums, and other online sources. By using social listening software, businesses can gain valuable insights into consumer sentiments, monitor reputation, identify emerging trends, and uncover opportunities for engagement and improvement.

Social listening tool that provides real-time monitoring and analysis of online mentions related to a company or keyword. It offers a wide range of features, including sentiment analysis, influencer identification, competitor analysis, and customizable reporting.

With social listening software, users can track and monitor mentions across various SM platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more. The tool uses advanced algorithms to analyze the sentiment behind each mention, categorizing them as positive, negative, or neutral. This enables businesses to identify potential issues or areas of improvement quickly.

Furthermore, social listening software allows users to identify influential individuals who are talking about their industry. This information can be valuable for identifying potential advocates, partners, or even potential influencers for collaboration opportunities.

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What is Brand24?

Quick software overview

In today’s digital age, keeping track of your online presence is more important than ever. With the rise of SM and online reviews, monitoring what people are saying has become essential for success. This is where social listening software comes in. 

brand24com review dashboard

It is one such social listening tool that has gained popularity among businesses and marketers. It allows you to monitor and analyze conversations on SM platforms, news sites, blogs, and forums in real time. By keeping a pulse on these conversations, you can gather valuable insights, identify trends, and take proactive steps to improve your reputation.

The main advantage of Brand24 is its user-friendly interface and easy setup. With just a few clicks, you can set up keyword searches and start tracking mentions across the web. The software also provides a comprehensive analysis of the sentiment behind each mention, allowing you to understand whether the conversations are positive, negative, or neutral.

One of the standout features is its ability to track influencers and ambassadors. By identifying these individuals, you can build relationships and leverage their influence to further amplify your message. Additionally, it offers automated reports that can be customized to fit your specific needs, saving you time and effort in generating actionable insights.

Now, you might be wondering what others think about Brand24. Numerous reviews and opinions can be found online, highlighting its effectiveness and ease of use. Many users have praised tool for its accuracy in tracking mentions and its intuitive dashboard. It has proven to be a valuable tool for businesses across industries, helping them make data-driven decisions and enhance their online reputation.

If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, the good news is that they offer a free trial on their website. This allows you to explore the features and see if it aligns with your monitoring needs. Once you’re convinced of its benefits, you can choose from its various pricing plans to suit your budget and requirements.

Brand24 review and opinions

What do we think?

Brand24 is a social listening tool that allows businesses to monitor their online presence and track conversations on SM. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, it has quickly become a popular choice among businesses of all sizes.

One of the key features is its ability to monitor mentions in real-time. This means that whenever someone mentions on SM, you will be notified immediately. This is a valuable feature for businesses as it allows them to respond quickly to customer feedback and address any issues that may arise.

Another great feature is its sentiment analysis. This feature analyzes the sentiment of the mentions, whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. This can be a useful tool for businesses as it allows them to identify trends and patterns in customer sentiment and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Brand24 also offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard that provides businesses with valuable insights into their online presence. This includes data on the number of mentions, reach, and engagement, as well as sentiment analysis and influencer identification.

Overall, Brand24 has received positive reviews from users. Many users praise its ease of use and the comprehensive insights it provides. The sentiment analysis feature is particularly appreciated, as it allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ perceptions.

However, some users have noted that the pricing plans can be a bit expensive, especially for small businesses. While there is a free trial available, some users would prefer more affordable pricing options.

brand24 features pros cons

Brand24 pros and cons

Is it worth it?

Using Brand24 as a social listening tool comes with numerous pros and a few cons. Let’s take a closer look at both sides of the equation.


1. Real-time monitoring: One of the biggest advantages of using this solution is its ability to provide real-time monitoring of your mentions on various online platforms. This allows you to quickly respond to any mentions, whether positive or negative, and take appropriate actions to maintain your reputation.

2. Comprehensive analytics: Brand24 provides detailed analytics and reports on your online presence. You can track the sentiment of mentions, identify key influencers, and gain insights into customer opinions and trends. This information is invaluable for refining your marketing strategies and improving customer satisfaction.

3. Easy-to-use interface: Tool has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for even non-technical users to navigate and understand. The dashboard provides a clear overview of all the important metrics and allows you to customize the data you want to track.

4. Competitive analysis: With Brand24, you can also monitor your competitors’ online activities and mentions. This gives you a competitive edge by allowing you to track their marketing campaigns, identify any potential threats, and spot new opportunities.


1. Limited features in lower-tier plans: Brand24 offers different pricing plans, but the lower-tier plans have limited features and capabilities. If you want to unlock the full potential of the tool, you may need to opt for the higher-tier plans, which can be costly for smaller businesses or individuals.

2. Language limitations: Although it supports multiple languages, it may not be as accurate in monitoring and analyzing non-English mentions. This can be a drawback for businesses with an international presence or non-English-speaking target audiences.

3. Pricing: the price is pretty high, and for some it might be a blocker.

Despite these cons, Brand24 remains a powerful social listening tool that offers valuable insights into your online presence. Its easy-to-use interface, real-time monitoring capabilities, and comprehensive analytics make it a must-have tool for any business looking to monitor and improve their reputation. Sign up for a free trial to experience the benefits of this solution firsthand.

Brand24 pricing

Available plans and options

When it comes to pricing plans and options, Brand24 offers a variety of choices to cater to different needs and budgets. Let’s dive into the details.

Brand24 offers three pricing plans: Plus, Premium, and Max. The Plus plan starts at $49 per month and is suitable for small businesses and startups. It provides basic features such as real-time monitoring, 5 keywords, and 100,000 mentions per month.

The Premium plan, priced at $99 per month, is ideal for growing businesses. It includes advanced features like sentiment analysis, historical data, and 10 keywords. Users can track up to 500,000 mentions per month.

For larger enterprises and agencies, the Max plan is available at a custom price. This plan offers additional features such as PDF reports, influencer score, and access for multiple users. It allows tracking up to 1 million mentions per month.

Brand24 also offers a free trial for those who want to test the waters before committing. The free trial provides access to all features for 14 days, allowing users to fully experience the benefits of social listening with it.

brand24 price and plans options

Overall, pricing plans offer flexibility and scalability, making it a great option for businesses of all sizes. Combined with its user-friendly interface and advanced features, it’s no wonder that Brand24 receives rave reviews and positive opinions from its users.

Brand24 alternatives and competitors

What instead of

While it is a powerful social listening tool, it’s always good to explore alternative options that may better suit your needs. Here are a few Brand24 alternatives to consider:

1. Mention: Mention is another popular social listening tool that allows you to monitor and track mentions of your company, competitors, and industry keywords across social media and the web. It offers real-time alerts, sentiment analysis, and advanced analytics to help you make informed decisions.

2. Sprout Social: Sprout Social is a comprehensive SM management platform that also includes social listening capabilities. It allows you to monitor keywords, hashtags, and mentions, as well as engage with your audience and analyze performance.

3. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is another well-known management tool that offers social listening features. It enables you to monitor mentions, hashtags, and keywords across various platforms, and also provides scheduling, analytics, and collaboration tools.

4. Buzzsumo: In order to optimize their strategies, marketers, content creators, and businesses use Buzzsumo analytics software. By analyzing trends, competitors, and content performance, Buzzsumo offers valuable insights into trends. It also allows you to manage your influencers.

5. Crowdfire: Crowdfire offers features such as content curation, post scheduling, and follower growth optimization, making it a comprehensive management tool. While Crowdfire may not be as focused on social listening as Brand24, it is still a valuable alternative for businesses looking for a tool that combines both social listening and management capabilities.

6. SocialBee: SocialBee allows businesses to monitor and analyze online conversations about their brand, industry, or competitors. It provides real-time monitoring of mentions across various social media platforms, news sites, blogs, and forums. With its sentiment analysis feature, businesses can gain insights into customer opinions and sentiments, helping them make informed decisions about their marketing strategies.

These alternatives offer similar features to Brand24, but it’s important to evaluate each one based on your specific requirements, budget, and the level of sophistication you need. You may want to consider their pricing plans, customer reviews, and available integrations to make an informed decision.

Remember to take advantage of any free trials or demos offered by these alternatives to get a hands-on experience before making a final decision. Ultimately, choosing the right social listening tool depends on your unique needs and goals.

Brand24 free version

Test the tool for free

One of the many advantages of using this solution is the availability of a free trial for interested users. Before committing to any subscription plan, you can test out the features and functionality of this social listening tool with the Brand24 free trial.

The free trial period allows users to explore the various capabilities of it and experience firsthand how it can help businesses in monitoring their online presence and tracking conversations. During the trial, you will have access to the platform’s monitoring features, analytics, and customizable reports.

To start the free trial, all you need to do is sign up on their website. You will be asked to provide your email address and create a password. Once you have successfully signed up, you can immediately begin setting up your first project.

Here you can find main page: Brand24 Main Page

During the trial period, you can set up to five different projects, enabling you to monitor multiple keywords or mentions across various platforms. This allows you to gain valuable insights into how company is being perceived by customers, identify potential issues or crises, and track your competition.

It’s important to note that the Brand24 free trial lasts for 14 days. After this period, you will need to choose a subscription plan to continue using the tool. However, the free trial gives you more than enough time to evaluate its usefulness and determine if it is the right fit for your business needs.

Overall, the Brand24 free trial is an excellent opportunity to test out the platform’s capabilities and evaluate its effectiveness in monitoring your online presence. It provides valuable insights into customer opinions and helps you make data-driven decisions based on real-time conversations happening across social media platforms.

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In this Brand24 review, we have explored the features, functionalities, and opinions surrounding this social listening software. Overall, it is a powerful tool that can help businesses monitor and analyze online conversations, competitors, and industry. 

One of the standout features is its user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to navigate the platform. Its real-time monitoring capabilities ensure that businesses are always aware of what is being said about them online, allowing them to proactively respond and engage with their audience. Additionally, the sentiment analysis feature provides valuable insights into customer opinions and allows businesses to tailor their strategies accordingly.

However, one drawback is its pricing. Some users have expressed that the cost of the tool may be too high for smaller businesses or individuals. That being said, it does offer a free trial, allowing users to test out the platform and determine if it meets their needs before committing to a subscription. 

In terms of opinions, Brand24 has received positive feedback from many users who have found the software to be effective in tracking mentions and improving their online reputation. The ease of use and comprehensive reporting capabilities are frequently praised by customers.

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