Process Street Review: Is This Tool is the Perfect Process Management App? is a powerful management app designed to help businesses stay organized and efficient. With this app, users can easily create checklists and procedures, monitor progress, and collaborate with team members on any type of work. It is a great way to streamline your business and get the most out of your teams.
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If you’re looking for the perfect management app, look no further than Process Street ( As a comprehensive platform for streamlining and automating work, this tool is the ideal tool for businesses of all sizes. In this review, we’ll be exploring why it stands out among the competition, how it can help you optimize your workflow, and what you can expect from this powerful tool.

What is Process Management Software?

Optimize your workflow

Also knows as business process management software (BPM), is a type of technology used to streamline and optimize organizational work. BPM software helps businesses design, automate, execute, and monitor complex wokflows to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

The software provides a platform to manage end-to-end work, including planning, tracking, and collaboration between different teams and departments. This helps companies achieve improvements, resulting in increased productivity, better quality output, and reduced operational costs.

It is a cloud-based platform that provides a suite of productivity tools, workflow automation, and collaboration. The software is designed to simplify the work of managing repetitive job for any team.

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What is Process Street?

App overview

Process Street is a tool that provides a platform for businesses to create, automate, and track their workflows. The app helps organizations streamline their operations by providing a user-friendly interface to manage and optimize workflows.

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Itis designed to help businesses of all sizes to document, streamline, and automate their standard operating procedures, checklists, and workflows. The platform allows organizations to easily create, assign, and track tasks, ensuring that everyone knows what they need to do, and when. It also includes features like workflow automation, customizable forms, and templates to help users create and streamline work quickly. offers a user-friendly interface, allowing teams to collaborate easily and communicate effectively across different departments. With its built-in approval workflows and notifications, users can ensure that work is completed accurately and efficiently. The platform also offers real-time analytics and reporting, allowing businesses to track their workflows and make data-driven decisions.

It’s cloud-based software offers companies the flexibility to access their workflows from anywhere, at any time, from any device. This feature ensures that teams can collaborate effectively even when they are working remotely.

Overall, Process Street is an efficient and cost-effective solution that can help businesses streamline their operations, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. With its user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, and built-in reporting tools, it’s a great option to consider.

Process Street review and opinions

What do we think?

Process Street is a platform that helps businesses create, automate, and optimize their workflows. It provides a simple and intuitive way to manage and execute repeatable workflows with the help of checklists, tasks, and integrations. In this section, we will discuss the key features, benefits, and drawbacks.

One of the best things is its user-friendly interface and ease of use. Even non-technical users can create and manage complex workflows without any coding or IT expertise. The platform also provides a wide range of pre-built templates for different industries and use cases, which makes it easy to get started quickly. Tool also offers robust collaboration features that allow team members to work together in real-time.

Another significant advantage of is its powerful automation capabilities. Users can automate routine tasks and send notifications, reminders, and alerts based on predefined triggers. This helps teams save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. The platform also integrates with a wide range of third-party apps, such as Zapier, Slack, Salesforce, and more, which makes it easy to connect with your existing tools and workflows.

However, Process Street does have some drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of customization options. While the platform provides a lot of flexibility, it can be challenging to tailor it to specific business needs. The reporting and analytics features are also limited, which may not be suitable for organizations with more complex requirements.

Overall, it is an excellent tool for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers an easy-to-use interface, robust automation capabilities, and a range of pre-built templates. However, it may not be the best fit for organizations with highly specialized or complex workflows.

Process Street pros and cons

Is this software worth it?

Process Street has gained a lot of popularity and positive feedback due to its wide range of features. In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of this workflows management platform.


1. User-friendly interface: One of the biggest pros is its user-friendly interface. The platform has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the users, making it easy to navigate and use.

2. Templates: Tool has a variety of templates for different types of workflows, which can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of the user.

3. Automation: With Process Street, you can automate your workflows and eliminate manual tasks, which saves time and reduces the likelihood of human error.

4. Collaboration: The platform allows for collaboration between team members, making it easier to manage workflows with a team.

5. Integrations: Tool integrates with other tools such as Zapier, Google Drive, and Slack, making it easier to manage.


1. Pricing: While Process Street offers a free plan, the paid plans can be expensive for small businesses or startups.

2. Limited customization: While the templates are great, the customization options can be limited, which may not be ideal for some users.

3. No mobile app: It does not have a mobile app, which may be a downside for users who need to manage their workflows on the go.

4. Limited reporting options: The reporting options are limited compared to other tools, which may be a downside for users who need detailed reporting.

Overall, Process Street is a great platform that is easy to use and offers a wide range of features. However, the pricing and limited customization options may not be ideal for all users. It is recommended to try the free trial before committing to a paid plan.

process st features pros cons

Process Street pricing

Plans and options

When it comes to pricing, Process Street offers flexible options for its users. There are three main pricing plans available: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

process street pricing and plans free version

The Business plan is priced at $100 per month ($1000 when billed annually), and it comes with unlimited checklists, forms, and integrations. This plan is suitable for small teams and startups who need basic process management functionalities.

The Business Pro plan is priced at $415 per month ($5000 when billed annually). It comes with advanced features such as role assignments, priority support, and permissions. This plan is suitable for growing businesses with complex requirements.

For large organizations, the Enterprise plan offers custom pricing depending on the features required. It comes with enterprise-level features such as dedicated accountant, API access, and customized onboarding. The Enterprise plan is suitable for companies with complex requirements and large teams the entry price is $1660 per month ($20000 annually). also offers a free plan that comes with limited functionalities such as 5 active checklists and basic integrations. This plan is suitable for individuals and small teams who need to get started with management software.

In terms of pricing, tool is relatively affordable compared to its competitors. However, it is important to note that the pricing is per user, so the costs can quickly add up for larger teams.

Overall, Process Street offers flexible pricing plans that cater to businesses of all sizes. The pricing is transparent and affordable, and users can easily switch between plans as their requirements change.

Process Street alternatives

What instead of

While Process Street is an excellent, it is always a good idea to consider alternatives. Here are some other alternative tools to consider:

1. Tallyfy – Tallyfy is a software that allows businesses to design, track, and manage their processes in a single platform. It is known for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support. One of the standout features of Tallyfy is its automation capabilities, which can streamline many time-consuming tasks.

2. Deel: If your business requires extensive HR management, Deel is a great choice. Deel specializes in remote teams and simplifies complex HR tasks such as onboarding, payroll, and contracts. With its intuitive interface and automation capabilities, Deel can streamline your HR efficiently.

3. Freshworks: For businesses that require a more comprehensive suite of tools, Freshworks offers a range of products that can integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows. Their software solutions include Freshdesk for customer support, Freshservice for IT service, and Freshsales for sales and marketing automation. Freshworks provides a centralized platform to take care of various processes, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

4. Wrike: If your focus is on projects, Wrike is a powerful alternative to consider. With features such as tasking, real-time collaboration, and customizable workflows, Wrike helps teams stay organized and on track. The platform offers extensive integrations, making it easy to connect with your existing tools and streamline your work.

5. Asana – Asana is a popular project management tool that can also be used for Process Management. Its easy-to-use interface and collaboration features make it an excellent choice for teams working on complex tasks. Asana also offers a range of integrations with other tools, making it easy to connect with other apps you might already be using.

Overall, while Process Street is an excellent choice, there are many other tools out there that offer similar features and functionality. Consider your business needs, budget, and existing tech stack when evaluating alternatives to find the best fit for your organization.

Process Street free version

Check the trial

One of the most appealing aspects of Process Street is the fact that they offer a free trial. This allows users to try out the platform and see if it’s the right fit for their organization before committing to a subscription.

The free trial gives users access to all of the platform’s features, which is a huge plus. This means that you can test out everything from creation and management to integrations and automations. Plus, with no restrictions on the number of users you can create, you can truly get a feel for how the platform works.

You can find it here: Process Street Main Page.

Another great aspect of the free trial is that it doesn’t require a credit card to sign up. This makes the signup fast and simple, with no commitment required. Once you’ve created your account, you can dive right in and start creating.

It’s important to note that the free trial does have some limitations. For example, you can only use it for 14 days before it expires. Additionally, you won’t be able to export or share your work until you sign up for a paid plan.

Overall, the free trial is a great way to test out and see if it’s the right fit for your organization. With full access to all features and no commitment required, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of.

Final thoughts – opinion


7.5Expert Score
Very good.

Worth the try if you can afford it.


After exploring the various features and capabilities, we can confidently recommend this software to any business looking to streamline their workflows. The only main disadvantage is pricing, so if you can afford it – it’s worth a try.

One of the most impressive aspects of Process Street is its intuitive user interface and ease of use. Whether you’re a small business owner or a larger enterprise, you can quickly and easily set up your work and collaborate with your team members using this platform. 

Another key features is its automation capabilities. By creating templates for your most common workflows, you can save time and reduce the risk of human error by automating repetitive tasks. This is especially useful for businesses in industries with strict regulations or compliance requirements, as Process Street ensures that every step is followed correctly and documented appropriately. 

Furthermore, it offers robust reporting and analytics tools that allow you to track your team’s progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. The platform integrates with various third-party tools, including Zapier, Slack, and Salesforce, to further enhance its capabilities. 

Overall, we highly recommend Process Street to businesses of all sizes looking to improve their work, increase efficiency, and boost productivity. With its user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, and powerful reporting tools, it is undoubtedly the perfect app. Try it out for yourself with their free trial and experience the benefits of optimization firsthand.

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