Review of Is this Landing Page Builder Worth the Hype?

If you’re looking for a landing page builder, Landingi is worth considering. This SaaS is a solution that allows users to create and edit high-converting sites quickly and easily. In this review, we’ll take a look at what it has to offer and whether it’s the right choice for your business.
7.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #4 in category Landing Page Builder Software Reviews is a page builder software that has recently been gaining a lot of attention and praise from marketing professionals. The software is designed to help users create high-converting sites quickly and easily, with no coding knowledge necessary. In this blog post, we will review the solution and give our opinion on whether or not it’s worth the hype.

What is Landing Page Builder Software?

Create and deploy

A landing page builder is an advanced software tool that is specifically engineered to empower users to create, design, and manage without any requisite coding or technical skills. As a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies, websites play a critical role in converting visitors into leads, prospects into customers, and customers into loyal advocates. In order to facilitate this process, landing page builders bring a comprehensive range of features and functionalities to the table.

These software tools offer a variety of customizable templates for different business niches and marketing campaigns. Whether you’re promoting an online course, selling a product, or seeking newsletter sign-ups, you can choose a template that suits your needs, goals, and aesthetic preferences. The available templates aren’t rigid frameworks either – they are usually highly flexible, allowing you to modify various elements according to your unique specifications.

One of the key aspects of landing page builders that make them so user-friendly is their drag-and-drop functionality. Even users who lack experience in website design or digital marketing can effortlessly create professional-grade one. You can simply select elements such as text boxes, images, videos, forms, buttons, and more, and then drag and drop them wherever you prefer. This simplifies the overall process and cuts down the time involved in designing and creating, ultimately expediting the launch of your marketing campaign.

Beyond templates and drag-and-drop capabilities, landing page builders also offer a multitude of additional features that help enhance the effectiveness of your sites. Some of these features include responsive design for mobile compatibility, SEO optimization tools for better visibility on search engines, A/B testing features for optimizing performance, and integration with other marketing tools like email marketing software and CRM systems.

Finally, landing page builders offer tracking and analytics capabilities, which allow you to monitor your performance and adjust your strategies accordingly. By providing insights into visitor behavior, conversion rates, and other key metrics, these tools enable you to make data-driven decisions, further refining your marketing campaigns for the best possible results.

Overall, landing page builders are essential tools for modern marketing, enabling businesses of all sizes to design and launch effective site, even without extensive technical skills or coding knowledge. These software platforms offer a powerful combination of convenience, flexibility, and advanced features, all geared towards maximizing conversions and driving business growth.

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What is

Quick software overview

Landingi is a leading page builder software that enables businesses to create visually appealing and highly converting website without any coding knowledge or design skills. It provides a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to easily customize their websites according to their specific needs and branding.

landingi com review free trail

Tool offers a wide range of pre-designed templates that are optimized for different industries and goals, making it easier for users to get started quickly. These templates are fully customizable, allowing users to add their own text, images, videos, and forms to create a sites that perfectly represents their business.

One of the standout features is its seamless integration with popular email marketing platforms and CRM systems. This allows users to capture leads directly from their websites and automatically sync them with their email marketing software or CRM, streamlining their lead generation and nurturing process. has received positive feedback from users worldwide. In various reviews, users praise the software for its intuitive interface, responsive templates, and extensive customization options. Many users also highlight the excellent customer support provided by the team, which ensures that users have all the assistance they need to create successful site.

While the majority of users have positive opinions, there are a few drawbacks worth mentioning. Some users have found the pricing plans to be a bit on the higher side compared to other builders in the market. Additionally, some users have reported occasional glitches or technical issues while using the software.

Overall, Landingi is a reliable and user-friendly page builder that can greatly benefit businesses looking to enhance their online presence and increase conversions. With its extensive customization options, seamless integrations, and excellent customer support, it is certainly worth considering for businesses of all sizes.

Landingi review and opinions

What do we think?

Landingi is a popular page builder software that promises to simplify the process of creating professional and high-converting pages. In this section, we will delve into a detailed review, analyzing its features, functionality, and user experience.

Firstly, let’s talk about the overall user experience of The platform boasts a user-friendly interface that allows even the least tech-savvy individuals to create stunning sites effortlessly. Its drag-and-drop editor makes it incredibly easy to customize every element, from fonts and colors to images and forms. Additionally, tool offers a wide range of templates to choose from, saving users the time and effort of starting from scratch.

One of the standout features is its A/B testing functionality. This allows users to experiment with different variations of their site to determine which one yields the highest conversion rate. By analyzing data and making data-driven decisions, users can optimize their pages and maximize their results.

In terms of customer opinions, Landingi has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Users praise its intuitive interface, extensive template library, and excellent customer support. Many users also commend the platform’s seamless integration with other marketing tools, such as email marketing services and CRM systems.

However, some users have expressed frustration with the limited customization options available in the basic plan. While it offers several pricing tiers, the more advanced features are only available in the higher-priced plans. Therefore, users who require advanced customization options may find themselves needing to upgrade their subscription.

Overall, is a reliable and feature-rich solution that offers great value for its price. Its user-friendly interface, A/B testing capabilities, and positive customer opinions make it a solid choice for individuals and businesses looking to create impactful and high-converting page.

landingi features pros and cons

Landingi pros and cons

Is it worth it? has become a popular choice for many businesses looking to create effective webpage. Like any software, it has its pros and cons. In this section, we will delve into both sides of the coin, giving you a comprehensive view of what to expect when using it.

Starting with the pros, Landingi boasts a user-friendly interface that allows even the least tech-savvy individuals to create stunning pages. Its drag-and-drop builder makes the process seamless, enabling users to easily customize every aspect without the need for coding knowledge. The platform also offers a wide range of pre-designed templates, which can save valuable time and effort for those lacking design expertise.

Another standout feature is its integration capabilities. The software seamlessly integrates with popular tools such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, and HubSpot, allowing businesses to effortlessly collect and manage leads. This not only streamlines the process but also ensures that all data is synced in real-time, providing accurate analytics for better decision-making.

Additionally, provides exceptional customer support, offering 24/7 assistance via live chat, email, and phone. The team is known for its responsiveness and willingness to go above and beyond to address user concerns promptly.

However, no software is perfect, and this one also does have its downsides. Some users have noted that the platform can be slightly limited in terms of advanced customization options. While the drag-and-drop builder is excellent for beginners, more experienced users may find themselves wanting more control over the finer details of their website.

Furthermore, some users have expressed concerns about the cost. While does offer affordable plans, certain features such as A/B testing and custom code integration come at an additional cost. For businesses on a tight budget, these add-ons may not be feasible.

Landingi pricing

Plans and options

Landingi offers three different pricing plans: Core, Create, and Automate. The Core plan is the most basic option and starts at $29 per month. It includes features such as unlimited creations, unlimited users, and basic integrations.

landingi pricing and plans

The Create plan, which is the most popular option, starts at $45 per month. It includes all the features of the Core plan, as well as additional advanced integrations, custom domains, A/B testing, and more.

The Automate plan, which is the most advanced option, starts at $59 per month. It includes all the features of the Create plan, as well as marketing automation, CRM integrations, and advanced analytics.

Overall, the pricing options offered by are competitive compared to other landing page builders in the market. However, it is important to note that the pricing may vary depending on the numbers and the level of customization required.

In terms of value for money, tool offers a good balance between affordability and features. The platform provides users with a wide range of tools and templates to create high-converting sites, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced marketers.

However, it is always recommended to try out the platform before making a long-term commitment. offers a 14-day free trial, which allows users to explore the features and functionalities before deciding to upgrade to a paid plan.

Landingi alternatives and competitors

What instead of

While it may be a popular landing page builder software, it is always good to explore alternative options before making a final decision. Here are some alternatives that you may want to consider:

1. Instapage: Instapage is a powerful landing page builder that offers a wide range of features and customization options. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor and a library of pre-designed templates, creating stunning website is a breeze. Instapage also provides A/B testing and analytics tools to help optimize your conversions.

2. Leadpages: Leadpages is another well-known solution that offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of customizable templates. It allows you to create mobile-responsive sites, pop-ups, and alert bars to capture leads. Leadpages also offers integration with popular email marketing platforms and analytics to track your campaign performance.

3. Unbounce: Unbounce is a robust landing page builder that offers a wide range of templates, pop-ups, and sticky bars. Its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create high-converting site without any coding knowledge. Unbounce also provides A/B testing, real-time data, and integration with various marketing tools.

4. Subbly: Designed specifically for subscription-based businesses, Subbly offers a platform that is optimized for recurring payments and customer sign-ups. With its subscription management features and customizable templates, Subbly is a great choice for businesses looking to launch subscription-based business.

5. Webflow: Webflow is a comprehensive web design and development platform that offers a wide range of features, including a powerful landing page builder. With Webflow, users can create visually stunning and highly customizable webpage without the need for coding knowledge. The platform provides a variety of templates and design elements to choose from, making it easy to create webpage that align with your branding.

6. Sellfy: While primarily an e-commerce platform, Sellfy also offers a builder that enables users to create sleek and professional sites. With its easy-to-use interface and built-in e-commerce features, Sellfy is a great choice for individuals and businesses looking to sell products or services.

While has its advantages, exploring these alternatives can give you a broader perspective on what each platform has to offer. It’s important to consider your specific needs, budget, and desired features when making a decision.

Landingi free version

Try it for free

One of the most attractive features of is its free trial option, allowing users to test out the platform before committing to a subscription. In this section, we will explore the benefits and limitations of the free trial.

The Landingi free trial provides users with a great opportunity to experience the platform’s capabilities firsthand. Users can access all the features and functionalities offered by the tool during this trial period. This allows them to explore the user-friendly interface, design and customize, integrate forms and CTAs, and even launch test campaigns. 

During the free trial, users can take advantage of the various templates and elements provided by the solution to create professional-looking pages. This is particularly helpful for those who may not have a design background, as the platform offers a range of pre-designed options that can be easily customized to fit individual branding needs.

You can claim you free trial: Landingi Main Page.

Moreover, the free trial allows users to evaluate the performance and effectiveness. The analytics and reporting features provided by enable users to track key metrics such as conversion rates and visitor behavior. This information can be crucial in optimizing performance and improving overall marketing campaigns.

However, it’s important to note that the Landingi free trial does have some limitations. The trial period is typically limited to a certain number of days or a specific number of page visits, depending on the chosen plan. Additionally, access to some advanced features, such as A/B testing or integrations with third-party tools, may be restricted during the trial.

Final thoughts – opinion


7.5Expert Score
Very good.

Could be awesome with some minor improvements.


To sum up, is a user-friendly and intuitive landing page builder that allows users to create and customize websites without the need for coding knowledge. With a wide range of templates and elements to choose from, users can easily create something visually appealing and conversion-focused.

One of the key features that sets Landingi apart is its drag-and-drop editor, which makes it easy to design with a few clicks. The platform also offers advanced features such as A/B testing, integrations with popular marketing tools, and lead generation capabilities.

In terms of opinions, many users have praised its simplicity and flexibility. The platform offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to create sites that align with their branding and marketing goals. Additionally, the customer support provided has been highly rated, with responsive and helpful assistance available whenever needed.

However, there are a few downsides to consider when using it. Some users have found the pricing plans to be on the higher side, especially for smaller businesses or individuals with limited budgets. Additionally, while the platform offers a wide range of templates, some users have mentioned that they would like to see more industry-specific options.

In conclusion, our review and user opinions suggest that this landing page builder software is worth considering for businesses and individuals who want to create effective and visually appealing webpage. Despite a few downsides, the platform’s user-friendly interface, advanced features, and helpful customer support make it a valuable tool for conversion optimization.

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